Thursday, 12 June 2014

seven days, stripy housecoats, sick cats and apple crumbles

winter-berries Seeing as it's been a week since my last post, I think it's more than time I did a bit of a catch up of what I've been up to in the last seven days. (This will also distract me from the complete panic that a whole week has flown by in what feels like one single blink!!!)

cabbages-vintage Last Friday there was a Very Important (and very early) meeting in the city. Now that it's winter it's dark when we get up, and really cold, but I'm always surprised by how much I like being up and about before the sun really gets going, even though the first 10 minutes out of bed are definitely not fun. Seeing the hot air balloons floating over the rooftops from the tram as the dawn lifts is a special Melbourne-y thing for me, and I always feel energised rather than tired – although I still need to convince my late-night-loving self of that. I walked past these cabbages outside Melbourne Town Hall, still sparkly with dew, and thought they were so lovely, and an interesting change from the usual flowers, too.

In the evening, Babycat suddenly got very ill and we had to rush her to the vets. As well as being very worrying, it scuppered our plans to visit a good friend of ours who had just got out of hospital, and the weekend was not off to the best start at all. Very grateful for late hours vets.

On Saturday, John and I went to eat burgers with another friend for their birthday. It was rainy and grey and I found it really hard to just get going, and in the end decided to wear my colourful 1940s stripy housecoat, with my new grey Melissa heels and a 1940s grey cardigan and my almost always present mustard scarf – the stripes in the housecoat are magenta, white, mustard, grey, olive... I love the combination. It is also super soft and warm, as you'd expect, but having worn it out once I think I need to shorten it a little (don't worry, no chopping!) because it is not quite long enough to be a maxi on me, and will look better kind of mid calf. Hate sewing, love the result, so really should knuckle down to that soon! mustard-bebe Sunday was much sunnier and Babycat was much better after treatment, new food and a very long sleep (even by cat standards). Huge sighs of relief from John and I, interrupted briefly to give her cuddles and take a photo in which she looks so very grumpy – but it's a big improvement on the previous 24 hours! Good to see her disdainful self back again. I decided it was warm enough, just, to forgo tights and get some of that winter sun on my legs. I wore my new pointy mustard flats from Ballettonet (that look bright yellow in the pic but they're not!), and they have such a graphic, 1960s vibe I went with it and wore them with a simple white vintage dress I got from an opshop a year or so ago, and a black and white stripy cropped tee. I left my mustard scarf at home for once, but did wear my vintage cardigan in more or less the same hue – seems to be a theme for me atm. I think I'm making up for feeling like I missed Autumn and its great colours. Later that evening we went to our friend's house for the dinner that was meant to happen on the Friday. John made pasta, I made apple crumble and we all ate on the couch, drinking wine and patting the cats. It was a beautifully clear night, and we walked home with coat collars turned up and hands in pockets – and me very relieved I'd changed into something much warmer for it, too. With tights! mirror Monday was a public holiday and we did very little, other than coming down with a cold (me), which explained why I'd been feeling so quiet all weekend. I also had to miss out on a fashion event at a brilliant local independent shop that I really wanted to go to. Tuesday I was very sick and in bed all day, and missed seeing The King and I at the Princess Theatre in the city – am gutted, as I really want to see the show and see that amazing theatre, too, as I've never been there before. (Two nights from two stuffed, *pouty face*)

Yesterday I was a lot better, and ran some errands – again with the mustard! 1960s mustard cardi, this time, and mustard tights – and again wearing my grey Melissa heels, although I swapped them for comfy flats for the first trek to the post office, and the walk up the hill later in the afternoon. I watched a great late 1940s British film on Monday, which inspired my hair (as did the fact it was very big and wild and I couldn't find the hat I'd planned on wearing). I sent out the first of the parcels (these are the local ones, and there's more international ones to go out next) for my wardrobe shop, which has been great so far – thank you for all the interest! Of course now I am regretting doing it how I have, as keeping on top of who wants to by what has meant a lot of lists, but I am so chuffed that things are going to good homes. Will definitely have more listed soon. Last night we had a Very Important Meeting at our place, and then a glass of wine at a local(ish) bar... and now I am drinking lots of coffee and wondering how it got to be Thursday already!

Not the best week, but not a terrible one, even if it was one of those where you feel like you got maybe half of everything that needed doing actually done. There were some lovely surprises in there though. This coming week is looking to be a bit better – and I'll start taking my camera out with me again, too! parcels-and-string


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to stop by and say how much I've been enjoying your blog for several years now!

Kizzy Von Doll said...

I hope you get to feeling better doll. We've all had a round of the cold here, my youngest daughter has been the worst & I think it might be coming back to me now as I feel exhausted, so I know it's no fun. Take good care Xx

Jessica said...

At least your household seems to be on the mend. It's amazing how disruptive being sick, or taking care of a sick loved one, can be to your life.
I love that hairstyle towards the bottom - so cute! And mustard, weirdly, has turned into one of my favorite colors in the last couple of years.

Laura said...

hope babycat is feeling a lot better already! that photo of you two is very cute and your hair is just stunning whatever you do with it! xx

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

As usual love the pictures! that second last picture is stunning :) Aww luckily i haven't had a cold yet. My bosses both do though, they got sick on their way overseas .

Ingvild said...

I might have said it before, but I adore your scarf! It is lovely...and feels very .. vintage? The color is just amazing.

Another thin I love, is the fact that your blog is full of pretty pictures! So wonderful :)

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